Civic Design Method Whitepaper 

This publication compiles reflections, tools and methodologies that help us to focus on the processes of Civic Design: programming and activating Collective Intelligence processes with impact on the Territory.

Civic Design proposes to reach the expected solutions through processes or methods, enabling relationships and strategies based on the collaboration of many actors located in their territories.

Domenico Di Siena

Cecilia Ciancio

Civic Realm Canvas
Collective Intelligence Canvas
Circular Process

Cómo nace el proyecto

After almost 15 years of experiences, I have decided to work more deeply on the definition of a general framework to approach Civic Design as a practice with its own method or at least with a recognizable framework and approach. This is how the Civic Design Method is born, understood as a synthesis of the patterns that have been repeated in the development practice of many projects in which I have been involved.

Domenico Di Siena
Civic Design Method Creator

Civic Design Method

It is structured around a continuous cycle generated by three essential actions: Make, Think and Locate, where the order can vary as well as the starting point: at each turn the whole ecosystem is enriched with new inputs, people and objectives.

The starting point for a distributed evolution!

Hopefully this proposal can serve as inspiration for more people, groups or collectives to get active to expand the scope of civic design and spend time developing new approaches, proposals and tools, or of course want to modify and improve those presented here.

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Discover how Civic Design can activate dynamics and strategies of Collective Intelligence with impact on the Territory.

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