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Paris Design Summit

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Presentation at Paris Design Summit

I am happy to announce that next Friday 22nd February I will be at the Paris Design Summit to present the Civic Design Method.

Come to learn!

About the workshop

The workshop will allow participants to familiarize themselves with the Civic Design Method based on the continuous cycle generated by three essential actions: Make, Think and Locate. Participants will learn the logic of how three tools work: the Collective Intelligence Canvas, the Circular Process and the Civic Sphere Canvas.

It is not simply a question of intervening on the territory and its infrastructure, but of generating a process that recognizes a new type of actor – the committed community – thus generating a new scenario with a multiplicity of interactions (public-citizen, intra-citizen) key in the development of the territory, even if its objective is in fact to transform it. Civic Design promotes a dynamic of collaboration to obtain collective solutions designed for the good of a community

This workshop offers the opportunity to learn the methodology of Civic Design, based on Collective Intelligence processes; proposes a reflection on Collective Intelligence practices activated by the collaboration of different local actors and their potential to generate a positive impact on the territory. The content is particularly focused on learning the basic concepts, processes, and methodologies that professionals and officials need to know in order to activate co-design projects in relation to the territory and collaboration with local agents.

Curious about Civic Design Method?

Download the whitepaper and discover the 3 tools that together explain the method.

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Domenico Di Siena is an architect, urban planner and researcher. His research and working fields include themes such as Shareable City, Commons, Social Innovation, Learning, Citizens Participation, Open Innovation, P2P Urbanism.

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