Presentation at Sharing Cities Barcelona

Presentation at Sharing Cities Barcelona

Presentation at Sharing Cities Barcelona 1920 1077 domenico

On November 13, 2018, for the first time Domenico Di Siena publicly presented the Civic Design Method. The occasion to do so is the Sharing Cities Barcelona, within the scope of the Smart City Congress.

In this presentation we discover how the Civic Design Method can guide us in the activation of Collective Intelligence processes that generate value for the local community and the Territory.

The presentation allows us to discover practical tools to analyze and activate local actors in collaborative processes where the economic and social are integrated to generate positive impact, putting people and the Territory at the center.

We refer to four different areas: the domestic and the market that together we recognize as the Private, and the institutional and social that together are recognized as the public

Hence the need to describe an area where that Ecosystem is generated where the presence and protagonism of different individuals, actors and species interact and generate synergy.  This implies that all the components working together give rise to the existence of a different and novel phenomenon, which cannot be explained through its parts.

We are referring to what we are calling the Civic Realm, which arises precisely from the hybridization, connection and superposition of the four spheres:  Domestic, Market, Social, Institutional.

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Domenico Di Siena is an architect, urban planner and researcher. His research and working fields include themes such as Shareable City, Commons, Social Innovation, Learning, Citizens Participation, Open Innovation, P2P Urbanism.

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