Civic Design focuses on people and territory. It explores the opportunities and formats that allow us to generate positive impact through Situated Collective Intelligence.

Learn how to promote Civic Innovation projects. Activate Collective Intelligence.


Different programs and formats to learn about Civic Design Method.


An experience of many years practicing, at the service of those who want to innovate.


Connecting people, projects and actors interested in civic design.

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A publication that compiles reflections, tools, and methodologies that help us to focus on the processes of Civic Design: programming and activating Situated Collective Intelligence.

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Paris Design Summit 976 587 domenico

Paris Design Summit

Presentation at Paris Design Summit I am happy to announce…

Formation spécialisée à Paris 2160 1080 domenico

Formation spécialisée à Paris

Formation spécialisée de Domenico Di Siena, créateur de la Méthode…

Presentation at Sharing Cities Barcelona 1920 1077 domenico

Presentation at Sharing Cities Barcelona

On November 13, 2018, for the first time Domenico Di…

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